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Arctic Frontiers 2013

Arctic Frontiers 2013

Since 2010, I have been attending the conference Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø. In January 2013 I will  attend the Policy Section and the Science Section’s side event Arctic Urban Sustainability in the High North – ARCSUS.

As a director at Ramboll, one of my main tasks is to market multidisciplinary services in the Arctic Norway. One of our specialties at the Narvik, Tromsø and Alta offices is environmental and social impact assessment ESIA. This includes expertise in indigenous rights and authority management. Our references are from the mining industry, renewable energy sector, real estate developers, national governmental agencies,  municipalities and counties.

I participate in projects whose scope is the early phases of land development, urban planning and transport and logistics studies.

I recommend participation  at Arctic Frontiers for anyone interested in being updated on the circumpolar north.


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