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Ramboll Arctic Round Table Oulu

Developments in the European part of the Arctic will depend on large investments in infrastructure: port, rail, road, airport and power grid for energy. There have been many feasibility studies for this.

It remains to find financing. Since many of these projects are transnational, the funding processes particularly complex. Ramboll want to find new solutions to international private-public partnerships. We will hold a round table meeting in Oulu December 2nd and 3rd on this topic.

The overarching ambition with the Arctic Round Table is to bring together important stakeholders to discuss ideas that may contribute to the positive development of the Arctic region: By gathering stakeholders from financial institutions, policymakers, transportation authorities, contractors, industryand community developers, we want to discuss the road to possiblesolutions for the realization of major new transport corridors in the North.

As input to the discussion we have two introductory presentations:

– Presentation of the Barents Freeway Report and five pilot studies for new international railway connections in the Barents Region, Jorma Leskinen, Planning Director,  Lapin ELY / ELY Centre Lapland

– Shipping in the Arctic, Executive Director Malte Humpert, The Arctic Institute.

Ramboll had a similar meeting in Tromsø in October 2013 where sustainable development was the topic. You can find information about this here (including a film on top of the first page with statements from some of the participants):

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