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Rambøll Arctic Round Table

A successful Rambøll round table event in the end of October 2013 has been instrumental in furthering Rambøll’s position as a thought leader on sustainable society development within the Arctic area.

In the end of October, Rambøll invited key stakeholders in the Arctic to participate in a round table event in Tromsø about the visions, challenges and solutions for societal development in the region. The participants included mayors from Arctic cities, industry leaders, representatives from non-governmental organisations, as well as research experts.

The round table took its starting point in Rambøll’s analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the present shift in social development in the Arctic, and the discussions at the event explored how future development may be achieved in a sustainable manner by balancing the social, cultural, economic and physical aspects of city developments.

You can view a video here which summarises the main highlights from the event and sums up key take-aways by the high-profile participants.

As a spin off from the roundtable in October, the findings were presented for city officials from Tromsø and Oulu at the Arctic Frontiers Conference in January in Tromsø. Furthermore, Henrik Rosenberg Seiding will present the conclusions from the report and the round table at the Globe conference in Vancouver in March. The Globe conference is North America’s largest conference on Liveable and Sustainable Societies with more than 9,000 delegates.

The success of Rambøll’s first Roundtable – held in Tromsø – will be continued: in 2014 we will organize two Arctic Round Tables, the first in Reykjavik in June.

With over 30 years of Arctic project experience, and 430 professionals across 21 offices, Rambøll is the leading engineering and consultancy company in the Arctic region.


Read more about Rambøll and megatrends here:

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