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Ramboll Roundtable on Sustainable Arcitc Cities and Society

Ramboll is arranging an Arctic round table in Tromso on October 23-24.

The round table will gather important stakeholders to a discussion about challenges and solutions for the societal development in the Arctic.

The discussion will take its starting point in Ramboll’s recent survey and analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the present shift in social development in the Arctic region. The region is experiencing increased interest from multinational companies in the energy, oil & gas, mining and other commodity industries. But what are the sustainable solutions for the future?

The primary focus will be on six Arctic cities’ performance within parameters such as growth, sustainability, social resilience and competence level. The six cities are spread across four countries:  Nuuk, Tromso, Narvik, Luleå, Gällivare and Oulu. We have in our analysis includes extensive desk research, surveys and focus group meetings.

Ramboll will be represented at the round table by CEO Jens-Peter Saul; Arctic Director Nils Arne Johnsen; and Director Liveable Cities Lab, Herbert Dreiseitl.

Participation is limited to 25 people from the international business community, NGOs and national, local and regional authorities.

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